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‘Show your Heimat’

You are invited to contribute to this album on Facebook with a photo that represents your Heimat.

Heimat is a German term for ‘feeling at home’
But what can be called ‘home’?

We asked this question to many people – and beside being the landscape of youth, Heimat can also be a landscape discovered in a different country than the country of birth. Heimat can be a circle of friends; or an entire community one is involved in; or not a specific place but many situations as one is easily feeling at home; or a undefined space in between excisting structures.

So, as the project ‘Soundtrack of Heimat’, we collect personal perspectives on the term Heimat and you are welcome to add yours!

About ‘Soundtrack of Heimat’ :

e-mail to:

deadline 31 march 23:59


Soundtrack of Heimat Page:


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