Open Call project.


Open Call project.

Compose the ‚Soundtrack of your Heimat‘

Facebook eventpage:

Welcome to add some of your Heimat\Home sounds to one of the layers\track, that can be download free here on Bandcamp

You can use fieldrecordings and other sounds (by instruments or otherwise) that for you represent (elements of ) your Heimat.

Please use at least one of the layers\tracks – you may use more or all – one can transform every element of them.

Most of these layers\tracks are reworked sound recordings made by students of school in Germany and The Netherlands during our workshops.

send it to:

deadline: 31 may 2019

This Open Call project is part of: ‚Soundtrack of Heimat‘:

image: Magazin des Stadtarchivs im Keller des Haus der Niederlande, Münster/

Heimat – (the feeling of) home or belonging – can be many things, we found out in this project:  the landscape of youth, a new discovered landscape (during traveling for instance), a group of friends, certain experiences – spirital or poetic, the space in between existing structures, or, as one person told us during our interviews and talks about this subject: „i feel at home in many situations. Because of my upbringing, i feel at ease with myself – that is the reason i can adjust easily“.

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